• Q:  Are Crop Armor products really safe for people, pets and bees?
    A:  All Crop Armor products are rated EPA 25B, a minimum risk pesticide.    Which means they are safe for family and pets.


  • Q:  What is in your Product?
    A:  Geraniol, Water, Soap, Helianthus Tuberosus (Jerusalem Artichoke),  Cinnamon Oil.


  • Q:  Is your product listed with The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)
    A:  Yes.

  • Q:  How does it work?
    A:  Crop Armor products work by shutting down the respiratory system of most soft body insects. Our products also contain substances that repel insects.


  • Q:  Will your products hurt beneficial insects such as bees?
    A:  Bees and wasps have a genetic composition that renders them immune to the ingredients in Crop Armor products.  


  • Q:  Can I consume the produce of a plant treated with Crop Armor?
    A:  Our products are topical and not systemic in nature.  So in other words the plant does not take the product inside itself.  Therefore the produce of the plant is unaffected by Crop Armor products.


  • Q:  How do I apply the product?
    A:  All of our products come with directions for use.  Please consult the labeling of the product you intend to use.


  • Q:  How often should I apply Crop Armor Products?
    A:  You should apply our products as often as needed.