About Crop Armor

Crop Armor began out of a need to control pests on a farm in South Africa. An American family living on a 50-acre farm on the Garden Route of South Africa's Southern coast set out to grow organic produce for their family and those with no access to healthy vegetables. Farmers from the area told them there was no way they could grow organically. The vast diversity of insects, along with local animals who love good veggies, would not allow for organic production. It was a daunting task with many disappointments and crop losses.

But, through years of trial and error, and an introduction to ancient farming practices from other areas of the world, the recipes and solutions that are used in Crop Armor products were born. After some changes to meet federal regulations, the vastly unchanged recipes are now available to you.

In addition, the family proved that organic produce could be grown in that region of the world.